“DAV TRANS” – cargo transportation in Ukraine and the world

“DAV TRANS” – cargo transportation in Ukraine and the world
The transport company “DAV TRANS” is a reliable carrier in the field of international transportation of goods and road freight transport in Ukraine.
Why choose us for transportation in Ukraine
Firstly, we deliver goods by modern Euro5 class cars. It is much more profitable than other modes of transport.
Secondly, taking into account eight years of experience in the field of transportation, the company carries out cargo transportation in Ukraine, transporting goods and cargo to all regions of the country, even to the most remote ones. Among our regular customers there are well-known trade brands in Ukraine.
Thirdly, having our own fleet of vehicles, we are engaged in the transportation of goods daily throughout the territory of Ukraine. Our company offers a full range of transport services, which includes not only logistics services, delivery and transportation of goods across the territory of Ukraine, but also the consolidation of goods.
We also guarantee the delivery of cargo to the right place on time and in safety, and we are ready to carry out transportation in a fairly short time at the request of the client.
We also realistically assess the level of transportation costs, which makes it possible to reduce the cost of your transportation to the optimal level, while the quality of delivery does not get worse.
At the same time, we are ready to transport even those goods that most companies refuse to transport. Namely:

Types of cargo

Oversized cargo

(in cases where your cargo does not correspond to the dimensions or there are problems with transportation). Partners of our company will help to transport oversized cargo, and at the lowest prices.

Consolidated cargo

We are ready to help you transport cargo from different points, for example, to one warehouse, and collect a common cargo from small consignments of several senders, which will clearly save the cost of transporting each cargo from a consignment separately.

volumetric cargo

Often, customers are faced with the problem of transporting goods that, despite their low weight, have a large volume. We can easily solve this problem and safely deliver bulk cargo to its destination.

Dangerous cargo

And that's not a problem! If you have an ADR license, regardless of the classification of dangerous goods, we are ready to provide you with prompt assistance in this matter at affordable prices.

Why choose us for international shipping

The fact is that cargo transportation to the countries of Europe, the CIS and Russia is one of the most demanded services in the field of road transportation. They are highly popular among companies of various levels and sizes. In addition, transportation from Germany, Poland, and Finland has recently become in great demand. This is due to the fact that these countries are leaders in terms of production of high quality industrial goods.
Every day, tens or even hundreds of thousands of vehicles around the world carry out road freight transportation. They, unlike other types of transportation, allow transporting goods directly to the recipient’s facility. So, you can easily, for example, purchase high-quality imported raw materials on more attractive terms, find new markets, and we will help you with this.
Moreover, the delivery of the necessary goods by road will cost several times cheaper than, for example, by rail or air.
In our “arsenal” there are refrigerators, tilt and all-metal semi-trailers, container trucks, which can easily deliver any goods from abroad, including groupage cargo, oversized structures, small and large batches of initial blanks or raw materials for production, and even products nutrition. We are ready to help you with the choice of transport, since the success of the transportation itself depends 100% on it.

Why it is profitable to carry out international road transport with our company

The availability of a range of delivery services

includes a high-quality organization, control, forwarding, monitoring of services

Development of the optimal route

Managers of our company will be happy to help you calculate the best route for cargo transportation in any direction, taking into account all costs, and provide you with an estimate

Favorable cost of services

We always meet the needs of the client and have a realistic approach to estimating the cost of transportation services.

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