Oversized transportation

Our company DavTrans is engaged in the transportation of oversized cargo, heavy transportation, long and bulky cargo, across the territory of Ukraine, Western and Eastern Europe. Dove Trans has its own fleet of modern special trailers and tractors of various modifications. This allows us to optimize the costs and time of our customers, for the implementation of large-sized transportation, as well as promptly respond to your orders in the shortest possible time.
Our employees have been working in the cargo transportation market since 2000. During this time, we have gained vast experience in order to quickly and efficiently organize this work for our clients. The specificity of oversized transportation has many nuances. Starting from the selection of experienced drivers, the appropriate trailer, the selection of optimal routes, the organization of loading, the reliable securing of the load and the good technical condition of the vehicle, we have our own service station for this. We also undertake the creation of all necessary permits, because cars with oversized cargo periodically pass through the territories of different countries, in each of them the rules for transporting oversized cargo may differ. The cargo must be insured. Thanks to this, we have a reputation as a reliable and conscientious partner.

We are constantly improving, we have a well-established system of training and selection of qualified personnel, the transfer of skills from experienced drivers to younger specialists and their colleagues, as well as internships minimize possible overlaps and ensure that your cargo is transportation of a turbine, transportation of a combine harvester, oversized cargo transportation of an excavator , oversized equipment, as well as other oversized equipment, will be delivered safely and on time.

Special trailers that are available in our fleet have from two to ten axles and can carry up to 120 tons of payload. There are various options for loading platforms and types of arrival. Oversized cargo is always non-standard in size and weight, so it is very important to select a low-bed semi-trailer (trawl) for the type of cargo. Contact our professional staff from the section КОНТАКТЫ and we will help you. It can be an agricultural machine or construction equipment, machine tools or any other industrial cargo in any case, we are always ready to help you.

Different countries have different standards for the transportation of oversized cargo, for example: Ukraine – 22 m long, 2.6 m wide, 4 m high, 38 tons allowable weight. Europe – 16.5 m length, 2.55 m width, 4 m height, 40 t allowable weight. You can see examples of our work on our website. OUR WORKS.

Dav Trans company carries out large-scale
transportation in Ukraine and on the international market:

Construction machinery

Cranes, excavators, bulldozers, dredgers, cable layers, drilling rigs...

Industrial equipment

Machine tools, presses, knives, furnaces, mining machines and mechanisms, turbogenerators, turbines, metallurgical equipment...

Large iron structures

Construction metal structures, pipes, trusses, elevators...

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    Having selected the right vehicle, our company’s employees begin to develop the main and alternate route for moving a non-standard design. If the transportation of oversized cargo takes place in the city, then this requires special documents and periodic approval by the traffic police authorities. On the way, you can meet roads along which the transport used in such cases simply will not pass.
    The route diagram should take into account and mark passages under power lines, railway crossings, bridges, tunnels, gas pipelines, and other possible obstacles. Taking into account these and other data, our employees conduct a specialized check, develop the best route, and also provide detour routes to avoid unforeseen situations. If the cargo is of particular value, additional insurance for transportation will protect you from possible risks. Turning to our specialists in the section CONTACTS you are guaranteed to get a professional approach that provides a convenient and affordable way to transport oversized cargo.